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Rear Windscreen Instructions

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*This deflector will not stop all wind from entering your vehicle. It is meant to help with the turbulence only. The Slingshot is an open cockpit vehicle. To be effective, the deflector must be paired with a standard ripper windshield or taller windshield as wind can still enter from top, sides and front of vehicle. Most effective with taller windshield plus roof enclosure.


Mounting Rear Windshield Deflector

1.To mount the deflector, line up the screen on the rear facing side of roll hoops.

2.Find the best position, pull the hook and loop straps snug through the roll bar openings and wrap around the inner bar on the roll bar hoops then fasten the straps tight. If you have issues installing email info@slingspeed.com for more pictures on install.

3. Always make sure deflector is tight before driving. Loose straps could cause injury or loss of shield at high speed.


Care Instructions We recommend the use of clean paper towels or thin glass cleaning microfiber towels. Do not use thick microfiber towels, as the material can retain dirt and rough particles, even after towel has been washed. Polycarbonate is scratch resistant, but it is not scratch proof. We recommend using ammonia free glass cleaner to clean your rear windshield deflector. Do not use abrasive cleaners as this may scratch the finish. Wipe from side to side when cleaning. Cleaning in circles can cause swirls in the polycarbonate. Novus 1 Plastic Clean and Shine is a good cleaner. Leaves a smooth, clean, greaseless shine and resists finger prints. *Novus 2 and 3 removes scratches but can scratch the finish if not careful.

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